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  • New! Harper Collins features Yeah, No. Not Happening as one of the Books to Calm and Comfort
  • Publishers Weekly called Yeah, No. Not Happening. an empowering guide.
  • I’m giddy! The redoubtable Satellite Sisters have chosen Yeah, No. Not Happening as a Best Beach Bag Book for 2020. Even if we’re only carrying our beach bags from one room to the next!
  • “The self-help book to end all self-help books,” says Booklist. I hope they don’t mean that literally.
  • Excerpt: The 3 Questions that Make Saying “No” Easier. Refinery29
  • Yeah, No. Not Happening takeover on, including new essay: “Self-Improvement in the Time of Self-Isolation.” Now is the time to declutter our self-improvement habits.
  • Q&A with Didi Gluck on The Plum. Too much self-improvement f*cks you up.


Events + Appearances:

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Let’s meet online, shall we? You’ll find me on Instagram and Facebook, but I’m also doing some online events, interviews, and chats all over the place. Looking forward to “seeing” you. No, really. This should be fun.