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Confessions of a Coastal Elite


Since the election on November 8 my fellow Hillary supporters have been in a tail spin while supporters from the other side are gloating with victory (had it gone the other way, I’m sure Hillary people would be equally ungracious. That’s not what this is about.) An old acquaintance, who is married to a man…

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Motherhood Made A Man Out of Me Reissued by Hawthorne Books

Motherhood made a man out of me

Brooke and Mary Rose are best friends. Brooke is the mother of a six-month-old. Mary Rose is pregnant. Brooke is married to Lyle, though, at times, she wonders why. Mary Rose would be married if Ward, the father of her child, weren’t already. Ward and Brooke are cousins… A comedy of manners and biology, Karbo…

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Her Mother/Herself: LA Review of Books Essay on The Bridge Ladies

Bridge Ladies

THE ANXIETY I FELT in simply holding Betsy Lerner’s new memoir The Bridge Ladies in my hands would have interested any number of research psychologists, in addition to my own therapist of yore. I’d heard about the book long before it was published via a Facebook post. Initially, I was thrilled. I’ve been a fan of Lerner’s work for…

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OPB’s State of Wonder Interviews Karen Karbo About Her Amtrak Residency


Enjoy these two interviews from OPB’s State of Wonder from my Amtrak Writing Residency. 1:00 – Karen Karbo is railbound! Of 16,000 applicants, she’s one of 24 to win the first round of Amtrak’s writer’s residencies, and she’ll be filing audio diaries for us from the rails. 41:43 – Karen Karbo regales us with tails from…

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