"Reading Karbo is like listening to a dear friend talk..." Los Angeles Times

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In Praise of Difficult Women

From Frida Kahlo and Elizabeth Taylor to Nora Ephron, Carrie Fisher, and Lena Dunham, this witty narrative explores what we can learn from the imperfect and extraordinary legacies of 29 iconic women who forged their own unique paths in the world. Smart, sassy, and unapologetically feminine, this elegantly illustrated book is an ode to the bold and charismatic women of modern history. Best-selling author Karen Karbo (The Gospel According to Coco Chanel) spotlights the spirited rule breakers ...

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Playing the Girl: Ten False Starts (After Janet Malcolm): LA Review of Books essay on You Play the Girl

1. YOU PLAY THE GIRL: On Playboy Bunnies, Stepford Wives, Train Wrecks, & Other Mixed Messages, Carina Chocano’s memoir/pop culture takedown of the way women are characterized by the media, was released on August 8, 2017. It was the time before #MeToo, when sexual assault and misconduct was a well-kept open secret, when powerful men could freely grope, pinch, pat, squeeze, and jerk off in front of women with no fear of reprisal. Way back then, the book seemed like a smart, entertaining, and ...

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What Does It Mean to Be Difficult?

Type the word difficult into Google and you'll find three definitions. "Needing much effort or skill to accomplish, deal with, or understand" (She had a difficult decision to make). "Characterized by or causing hardship or problems" (A difficult economic climate) "(of a person) not easy to please or satisfy." (Lily could be difficult.) Lily could be difficult. It's there in the dictionary -- well, the Google dictionary, but I'm willing to accept it, as whoever comes up with the ...

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