It’s rosé season and I’m here for it

In France, if you run into someone and say bonjour, and then see them again later in the day, it’s important to say “rebonjour” to communicate to them that you KNOW you’ve greeted them earlier, that you haven’t forgotten them. I don’t know if there’s a super-charged French greeting especially designed for deserted blogs that deserve some invigorating, but if there is, know that I’m sending it your way.

Since I’ve been writing regularly on Substack, this little blog has languished. In fact, one the writers who’s here this week for Come to Your Senses, the writing retreat I hold several times a year in Collioure, mentioned that she noticed my blog had gone dark, and wondered whether I’d abandoned it. That made me feel unaccountably sad. (Possibly, it was the rosé talking.)

On Substack you can find my more polished essays, written with a serious eye towards entertainment. Here, I’m interested in reviving the old notion of a weblog (remember?) — random thoughts and musings announcements, no small amount of blah blah blah. Or, as they say in French, patati patata

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