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How to Come to Your Senses Right Now

Let’s get real: You don’t need to go to the south of France to come to your senses. You don’t need to go anywhere. Even if you continue to read this on the screen in front of your face you can still come to your senses. As you reading this while standing in line at Starbucks in tight shoes? Is the joint overheated? Are you over dressed? Is your scarf itching your neck? There’s the roar of the coffee machine and hiss of the milk steamer. The door opens and closes and lets in the smell of cold and ...

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Announcing Guest Retreat Writer Ann Garvin

Ann Garvin

In Karbohemia, during our May writing retreat in Collioure, France, after one of Chef Emily’s ridiculously delicious suppers, we take our dessert and coffee/wine (but usually wine) and gather on the terrace for a discussion on craft. How do you use your senses to convey meaning? What in the heck IS a “telling” detail anyway? How are sensory details employed to create a metaphor? This year, our Supreme Queen of Craft will be novelist, speaker, and kick ass woman, Ann Garvin.  Ann has ...

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Yeah. No. Not Happening. Coming 2020 From Harper Collins

Why hello giant stack of research materials! Disappearing into reading for m'next book in three...two...one... Look for YEAH. NO. NOT HAPPENING, a "funny, philosophical, feminist rant against the tyranny of self-improvement" in Spring 2020...provided we're all still here. The official blurb for YEAH. NO. NOT HAPPENING -- a humorous feminist manifesto about swearing off self-improvement and learning how to own and appreciate our flaws by taking a clear-eyed critical look at the role of ...

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Inaugural Karbohemia Writing Retreat a Success!

Come to Karbohemia

If you want to truly unplug from your life and plunge into a new, intoxicating environment where you can refresh yourself as a writer, Karbohemia is the experience you want. -- Return to the Tactile Participant Since 2010 we’ve been spending a month or more in the tiny village of Collioure, in the deep south of France. It’s one of those places where life seems to fall naturally into balance. Regardless of weather, the morning is always ravishing. Turquoise sky, pink clouds. Coffee from ...

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