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Inaugural Karbohemia Writing Retreat a Success!

Come to Karbohemia

If you want to truly unplug from your life and plunge into a new, intoxicating environment where you can refresh yourself as a writer, Karbohemia is the experience you want. -- Return to the Tactile Participant Since 2010 we’ve been spending a month or more in the tiny village of Collioure, in the deep south of France. It’s one of those places where life seems to fall naturally into balance. Regardless of weather, the morning is always ravishing. Turquoise sky, pink clouds. Coffee from ...

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Return to the Tactile: Books

Since becoming a tactiletarian* I’ve broken up with my Kindle. It wasn’t hard. It’s been lost under the pile of papers under my desk for months. I’m sure the battery’s dead by now, and I can’t even remember what I was reading. Most likely a self-help book I didn’t want to admit to owning. I liked it well enough when I got it for Christmas whatever year that was. Other people had raved about it – particularly women who could read Fifty Shades of Gray while sitting in the bleachers enduring yet ...

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In Praise of Difficult Women: A Curated List of Reviews

In Praise of Difficult Women

On February 26, 2018, I published In Praise of Difficult Women: Life Lessons from 29 Heroines Who Dared to Break the Rules. It was a surreal experience: because it was published smack in the middle of #timesup and #metoo, the general assumption was that I’d NaNoWiMoed out a 352-page book about the lives of 29 women sometime around the time Oprah gave her very presidential-sounding speech on the Golden Globes on January 7. Of course, no one really thought I whipped out the book in a month. ...

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Dan Berne Is a Guest at the Return to the Tactile Workshop in Collioure!

Sunset over Collioure

Joining us in Collioure this September – my dear friend and citizen of Karbohemia, Dan Berne! Dan is a talented novelist and poet, and devotee of this unique part of southern France. He knows first-hand how this place works magic on body, soul, and creative spirit. His writing is steeped in the tactile. Dan is a master at using the environment and physical body to shape a character and her world view, and a page-turning plot. Dan Berne's novel "The Gods of Second Chances has been called a ...

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