"Reading Karbo is like listening to a dear friend talk..." Los Angeles Times

Yeah, No. Not Happening is…Happening!

Yeah, No. Not HappeningI love this book so much I want to eat it. Instead, I highlighted almost every line. I only wish I had read this in my early 20s, because it would’ve saved me a lot of grief. This book is spit-your-coffee-out funny, spot on in its truthfulness and witty observations, and empowering as anything I’ve ever read. His book made me exhale, which conversely made me realize how long I’d been holding my breath wait for it. Folks, it’s here.”
Jennifer Pastiloff, author of On Being Human
“A standing ovation for Karen Karbo’s brilliant warrior cry from my misfit corner: In my Dr. Martens. With hairy legs and belly bulge and (gasp) no makeup. Yeah, No. Not Happening rallies all women to turn away from commodified self-improvement and toward our own imaginations, intelligence, creativity, and agency. Karbo astutely points out that should women let go of their historically constructed position as consumers, we might yet develop selves and lives worth inhabiting…with passion, fury and beauty in every shape, size, and temperament. What if radicalizing self-worth means we already know who we are and we’re ready to do something about it with the flex of our minds rather than our money? Karen Karbo is the only beauty or bath bomb we need right now. I’m in.”
– Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Misfit’s Manifesto
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Yeah, No. Not Happening: How I Found Happiness Swearing Off Self-Improvement and Saying F*ck It All—and How You Can Too

On April 8, 2017 author Karen Karbo swore off self-improvement. No more mantras of gratitude, no more diets, no more pretending she was the type of woman who woke up naturally at 6:00 in the morning, ready to work out with a smile on her face. All the work of self-improvement was wearing her down…

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