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How To Live With Few Regrets

Joan Karbo

We’re doing it. My partner of many years and I are selling the house, most of the furniture, the old VW, and KonMari-ing the crap out of our lives to go live somewhere we love. If not now, when? We’re moving to a patch of earth that few Americans know about—a Catalan village in the deep southwest of France, where a mountain range hits the sea. We’re going because after a decade of visiting every summer, we realized: We feel most ourselves there. Our lives balance themselves seemingly ...

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11 Reasons Why We’re Moving To France

For eight years we’ve been spending a month or so every summer in Collioure, our favorite village on earth. That’s not hyperbole. (Full disclosure: it’s not as if I’m an expert on magical French villages; Collioure is pretty much my first and only French village love.) Fifteen miles north of Spain, where the Pyrenees meets the Mediterranean, Collioure is one of those places that encourages dreaming. The open sky, the glinting sea, the various ancient structures: a fort, a church, a windmill. ...

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A Five Star Example of Come To Your Senses Writing

One of my favorite authors is Heather Havrilesky. Her style is an enviable combo of wit, depth, tragi-hilarity, and sublime sensory writing. In the following excerpt, see how the senses do the heavy descriptive lifting. In Havrilesky’s hands, her mother’s modest house becomes a home like no other. And you’ll notice, not once does she sum it up for us. There’s no abstract concepts gumming up the works. This is Five Star Come to Your Senses writing: Example: From “My Mother’s House” by ...

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Five Ways to Come to Your Senses Right This Second

Come to Your Senses. As miraculous and seductive as technology is, and I swear on my favorite apps that no one loves it as much as I do -- the ability to research alone is worth the bleary eyes, chronic neck ache and posture of a wizened crone – it’s the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual equivalent of living on Cheetos and Diet Pepsi. (Which I could totally do, but moving on.) You know it’s true. And yet, and yet, we can’t quite bring ourselves to come to our senses and BE in our senses. ...

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