I continue to be amazed by the devotion of the fine folks who have taken up the #LiveLikeJulia challenge.  Thank you for sharing your insights with all of us.  I am grateful beyond words.

This Week:

Gigi Little, following a week’s pledge “to [try my damnedest to] never apologize,”  improvises Coq Au Vin (with hilarious step-by-step instructions) and revels in an anniversary celebration with Stephen,  her very own Paul Child.

Sister Blogger Erin Clune recently delved into Rule #5 All you Need is a Kitchen and a Bedroom while traveling through Europe. With tongue-in-cheek humor, she suggests after two weeks of French food perhaps the rule should be “All You Need is a Brasserie and a Digestif?

“Where is my what-the-hell attitude?” That’s the question Laura Lavelle (aka Foodie Laura) asked herself as she obeys her whims (Rule #4) and prepares to open her own pop-up restaurant.

“To really Live Like Julia will take more than a week or a month of dedication, and I am willing to Live Like Julia for the rest of my life.” ~ Christy Majors summarizes how she plans to achieve culinary fulfillment.

Eufemia Fantetti (living Rule #3 – Learn to Be Amused) writes poignantly of her continuing quest to remain amused while grappling with the past.

Following her return from Italy, Sonya Lea (Rule #1 – Live with Abandon)  shares, “If I’m going to be all in stateside, I’m going to have to turn off the distractions. Not the fun ones, like trying a new recipe or making a new story or writing a note to a friend. But the ones that keep me from being here.”

sonya leaSonya Lea’s Gorgeous Italy

Other highlights:

Here is a recap of the rules. Choose one, live it for a week, and join us.

  1. Live with Abandon
  2. Play the Emperor
  3. Learn How to Be Amused
  4. Obey Your Whims
  5. All you Need is a Kitchen and a Bedroom
  6. To Be Happy, Work Hard
  7. Solve the Problem in Front of You
  8. Cooking Means Never Saying You’re Sorry
  9. Make the World Your Oyster (Stew)
  10. Every Woman Should Have a Blowtorch

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