It’s a little more than a month before Julia Child Rules: Lessons on Savoring Life comes out and I’m both a little nervous and thrilled that amazing folks from around the internet have taken me up on my offer to Live Like Julia for a week.

Anyone can live like Julia. Leslie Bilderback is a professionally-trained chef and author of Mug Cakes. Alison Clement is a novelist. Book blogger Joy Weese Moll, a librarian writing about books, is focusing on Rule #6 To Be Happy, Work Hard and in her latest update noted that  when she had an extra hour, she wrote. Others are loading up on croissants, cupcakes, and shortcake. And blowtorch or no, people are starting to #LiveLikeJulia.

Here are some highlights:

Here is a recap of the rules. Choose one, live it for a week, and join us.

  1. Live with Abandon
  2. Play the Emperor
  3. Learn How to Be Amused
  4. Obey Your Whims 
  5. All you Need is a Kitchen and a Bedroom
  6. To Be Happy, Work Hard
  7. Solve the Problem in Front of You
  8. Cooking Means Never Saying You’re Sorry
  9. Make the World Your Oyster (Stew)
  10. Every Woman Should Have a Blowtorch

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