Julia Child Rules by Karen KarboThe love affair with the iconic Julia Child continues in Karbo’s guide to living with abandon, as Child always did, which gives a window into the legendary cook, author, and television host’s fascinating backstory. One of the lessons Karbo draws from Child’s life is that one must face adversity rather than being daunted by it. And from the start, Child, a red-haired, freckle-faced girl who grew to 6’3”, experienced a great deal of knocks. But rather than dwell on her awkward appearance, she felt “free to be herself.” Child tried to join the military during the WWII effort, but was rejected due to a “physical disqualification.” She eventually got a job with the OSS (a predecessor of the CIA) and was tasked with organizing massive amounts of data; later, this experience helped her craft precise, detailed recipes. More significantly, she met Paul Child—her future husband and #1 cheerleader—while working for the OSS. As Karbo persuasively argues, Paul “gave her herself. Without him she wouldn’t have found her calling at last” at age 38. Karbo’s joyful take on the ebullient, self-described “California hayseed” will charm readers new to the twists and turns of Child’s life, as well as devoted fans.
Agent: David Forrer, Inkwell Management. (Oct.)
Reviewed on: 07/29/2013
Release date: 10/01/2013

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