Throughout the month of September Karbohemia and a gang of sister bloggers are living like Julia.  One of the most thrilling aspects of watching this project unfold is seeing the different ways in which folks interpret the Julia Child rules.  And I’m dancing in the kitchen (the highest form of joyful expression here in Karbohemia) at the willingness of strangers to dive in and live like Julia.

Culinary Diva Christy Majors is living like Julia in the largest way possible, offering up a seriously kick ass recipe for lemon-ginger chicken soup (my mouth is watering just typing this.)


This looks perfectly delicious!

Gigi Little (Rule #8, Cooking Means Never Saying You’re Sorry), proprietor of the most beautiful blog ever, learns to stop apologizing.

Deb Stone (Rule #9: Make the World Your Oyster (Stew)) figures out all the ways you can stride through the world in your figurative seven league boots, while wearing real pearls. Kudos on making the oyster/pearl connection, Deb.

Eufemia Fantetti (Rule #3, Learn to Be Amused) whose collection of short fiction, A Recipe for Disaster and Other Unlikely Tales of Love is publishing in November, is tearing it up over at her blog; my favorite is the story she tells of her dad learning to cook at 67. (Dig that picture of him chopping garlic with one hand.)

Perhaps the most surprising application of Rule #3 belongs to Catherine Ryan Gregory at The Ten Thousand Hour Mama, who writes about the endless joy and challenge inherent in learning to be amused when you’re a brand new mom, and everything in life is astounding, insurmountable and a perfect miracle.

More highlights:




Here is a recap of the rules. Choose one, live it for a week, and join us.

  1. Live with Abandon
  2. Play the Emperor
  3. Learn How to Be Amused
  4. Obey Your Whims
  5. All you Need is a Kitchen and a Bedroom
  6. To Be Happy, Work Hard
  7. Solve the Problem in Front of You
  8. Cooking Means Never Saying You’re Sorry
  9. Make the World Your Oyster (Stew)
  10. Every Woman Should Have a Blowtorch

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