As I read about so many folks living with the kind of spirit and optimism that characterized the life of Julia Child during our month-plus-a-weekish of #LiveLikeJulia, I’m seeing that while these “rules” might not fix our problems, they greatly enhance the moments of our lives. (Why do I feel as if I’m paraphrasing a Kodak commercial?)

This week:

Trista Cornelius, who confesses to having a “quieter disposition” than Julia writes about “saying ‘yes’ to what’s right in front of us and then making the best of it,” which includes growing her own food and occasionally stomping out in the middle of the night to save a pair of green peppers from some evil, vegetable devouring slugs.

And while we’re on the subject of gastropods, Christy Majors is free-forming over at Confessions of a Culinary Diva, insisting that to truly Live Like Julia, you’ve got to eat escargot. She includes a recipe, also great photos of the 100th birthday party she threw in Julia’s honor (complete with best apron contest, yo.) She also introduces a fancy new culinary term which is going into immediate rotation in Karbohemia: Yuckamundo!


The Culinary Diva is absolutely right: if you wanna cook French, you gotta learn to love the ‘s-car-got. This one is very handsome.


Elizabeth Hilts, (Rule #3, Learn to Be Amused), author of the super smart How to Get in Touch with Your Inner Bitch, unpacks the frustration we all feel when we’re overwhelmed with too many chores, jobs, students, and unfinished manuscripts. Still, she and her inner bitch manage to be highly amused.

Over at The Mountain Mouth, cowgirl and horse rescuer Kate MacDonald found herself forced to live Rule #2 Play the Emperor.  Kate, who got tossed off her horse and broke two ribs, is learning how to be waited on like royalty. She reports that she is a good emperor, and has yet to order any beheadings.

Sonya Lea  (Rule #1 Live with Abandon) writes about the trip she took to Anacapri, Italy with her husband, Richard, who ten years ago lost his memory after undergoing surgery for a rare brain cancer. “Like Julia, I am comfortable in my own skin,” she writes. Sonya Lea, you totally rule.

Other highlights:

Here is a recap of the rules. Choose one, live it for a week, and join us.

  1. Live with Abandon
  2. Play the Emperor
  3. Learn How to Be Amused
  4. Obey Your Whims
  5. All you Need is a Kitchen and a Bedroom
  6. To Be Happy, Work Hard
  7. Solve the Problem in Front of You
  8. Cooking Means Never Saying You’re Sorry
  9. Make the World Your Oyster (Stew)
  10. Every Woman Should Have a Blowtorch

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