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Live Like Julia (6): Savor Life Lessons and Write About Them

By October 2, 2013No Comments

The Sisterhood of #LiveLikeJulia bloggers would like to welcome our first Brother Blogger!

Please give a rousing Julia-worthy welcome to First Man of the charming blog, Two Men and a Little Farm! If you’re at all skeptical that a man can Live Like Julia, check out their incredible Julia Wall.  In his post, our brother learns to be amused…while shopping for parsnips (aka “white carrots”).

Living Rule #6 (To Be Happy, Work Hard) was just the inspiration Ann Ueno (lover of interior design and hosting) needed to launch her new blog, House & Host.  Ann states, “…my little project, my pursuit of passion, my small way of living like Julia is, in fact, lighting up my soul causing a joy, a sense of happiness and a lot of fun.” Thank you for sharing your passion with us, Ann.

When Dee Thompson of The Crab Chronicles decided on Rule #10 (Every Woman Needs a Blowtorch), she firmly latched onto the Julia sentiment, “make every meal an occasion.” An occasion, indeed! Throughout the week Dee crafted a la Julia:  Quiche Lorraine, French Onion Soup, Tarte Tatin, Gray Gratin, Cheese Souffle, and Chocolate Mousse. *Whew!*   At the end of the week, her son asked, “So are you finished with cooking like that woman now?” Dee said, “He seemed disappointed.”

Leslie Damaso of the foodie blog Driftless Appetite also chose to test drive Rule #10. With blowtorch firmly in hand, Leslie whipped up a killer Frenchy Pear Tart and proclaimed, “I should really use my blowtorch more often.”  I agree.

Ann Imig, National Director of Listen to Your Mother Show and funny lady at Ann’s Rants,  focused on Rule #7 (Solve the Problem in Front of You) and was reminded “to savor the process along the way.”  Teaser:  Julia Child, “The Pizza Party Promise,” and sitting on Jon Stewart’s lap couch.

Susan Gloss, debutante author of Vintage (release day March 2014) tackled Rule #4 (Obey Your Whims.)  In her post, Susan endeavors to “exercise a little less caution at times and a little more what-the-hell.” Couldn’t we all use a little more what-the-hell?

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