Let me start by saying the whole Pinterest and pinning thing is a pure mystery to me.

But, I have to tell you, dear Brother & Sister Bloggers, I’m especially proud of one Pinterest creation. Yesterday when I looked over the Live Like Julia board, I felt a gush of emotion for all the people out there who really did it! They lived like Julia.

Well, er, YOU. You did this. You lived like Julia and I am beyond grateful. Thank you.

Speaking of living like Julia, here’s the latest round-up from the #LiveLikeJulia bloggers.

Danielle Marie, of the “extremely classy and fabulous” Provocative Manners blog, delves into Rule #3 (Learn to Be Amused,” and discovers how to “take life a bit lighter and enjoy the moments whether good or bad.”

Despite being recently retired, Carol Cassara selected Rule #6, (To Be Happy, Work Hard) and created a plan to focus and structure her renewed writing passion.

Kimberly Bowker of Kansas Adventuring lives with – and paints with – abandon as she test-drives Rule #1 (Live with Abandon). Check out her #LiveLikeJulia wall below.

During her Paris travels, Interior Designer and Decor Girl Lisa Smith finds, “It is certainly much less stressful to be amused rather than irritated when things don’t go one’s way.” (Rule #3 Learn to Be Amused)

In the face of fresh heartbreak, Teresa Difalco also attempts to conquer Rule #3, and finds amusement in slugs, a new Dutch oven and Cary Grant.

Wendy Willis test-drives Rule #4 Obey Your Whims and, among other ideas, ponders running away to India.

Kasha Bialas, aka The Farm Girl Cooks, takes on Rule #7 (Solve the Problem in Front of You), and asks, “Could Little Ol’ Me Possibly Learn to Live Like Julia?”  (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.)

And over on the Twitters:

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